first birthday, Smash Cake

Brendan’s Smash Cake Shoot

I am BEYOND excited about how this smash cake session turned out. Okay Brendan wasn’t super into the cake, but who cares! He’s still so stinking cute anddddd the theme was too perfect. When your parents/family has lots of firefighters or people who work for the fire department, you do a firefighter themed smash cake shoot!

I had a vision in my head and I am so thrilled it came to life! I had pictured in my head, nice yellow jackets and boots lined up neatly waiting to be grabbed for calls. Well in real life, everything is kind of thrown and messy, and to be honest, I think it looked much better this way! Very authentic!

Brendan, you’re so cute! I hope you had an awesome first birthday!


We had a little help from big sis to make sure the lighting was good, haha!


When he wasn’t really feeling the whole “smash”thing, we put him on his truck and hoped he’d just run the cake over, haha. He got pretty close!2017-06-30_00132017-06-30_00142017-06-30_0015


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