Megan & Evan E-Session

Megan and I go way back from our days of waiting tables at P.F Changs. She was one of my very first clients when I first started out and I took some head shots for her! She’s an awesome person and thanks to Facebook we’ve been able to stay in touch, because you know, three kids under three makes going out and socializing in real life a tad hard sometimes haha.

Fast forward a few years and she’s engaged to Evan! Evan is such a cool guy. He’s kinda quiet but funny and has an awesome job! Him, his brother and another business partner all own Oliver Brewing Company, along with Pratt Street Ale house, Park Tavern, Five & Dime, and the Ale House in Columbia. Talk about busy! He was able to briefly tell me about the biz and how beer names get chosen which is something I always wonder about! Anyway, beer stuff could be a whole separate post because it’s so interesting!

He proposed to Megan in Jamaica. Jamaica & Sea turtles are 2 of Megan’s favorite things. After a relaxing message, Evan tried to get her attention via sea turtle but a cat was distracting her! Girl after my own heart, lol. I am 28 years old and still say “kitty!!” when I see a cat. I would have been distracted too. Once she got to Evan, there was no sea turtle, but there was a ring and a question, and I think that’s even better!

Megan reached out about doing engagement photos in the city they live in, and some at her parents house. It was hot, but we rocked it! And the ivy wall Megan found is to die for.

I wish you guys all the best and a super happy marriage! They’re having their wedding in Colorado, which is another fav location. I love that they incorporated all their favorite places <3.


How cute is Eve btw?!


If your engagement sessions don’t end in popping a bottle of champagne, your missing out on a truly good time. I love these! 2017-06-30_00402017-06-30_0041


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