first birthday

Eloise’ 1st Birthday

My bestie’s baby turned one just a few days after the twins! I am so blessed that this sweet babies mom is lives one house over and we’ve been there for each other this whole year with our new borns. Tabatha and Shawn have been such blessing to us, and Nora adores them and sweet little Eloise. I’m so glad the girls will be so close growing up. If it wasn’t for Tabatha I’m not sure I would have made it a year nursing. Because of her I got out of the house and started going to a wonderful breastfeeding support group.

She put together the most amazing garden party in honor of Eloise’s first birthday. I mean, her and Shawn put their hearts into bringing this party together. Handmade paper flowers, heart shaped sandwiches, and a house covered in moss. It was like a pinterest dream come true! I was happy to capture all the sweet moments and I can’t wait to look back on these photos in the years to come. We’ve already been discussing second birthday party ideas, haha!


If your first birthday doesn’t end in tears, then it wasn’t a good party. I’m kiddinggggg. She really did like that cake, but it was just about nap time when she lost it. I couldn’t help but capture the cuteness. Even crying, she is so stinking cute! ❤ ❤ 2017-06-13_0018


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