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The Twin’s 1st Birthday!

There are so many emotions, I don’t even know where to start! I am so behind on editing so many photos but I had to take a minute to share these photos from our twins first birthday. I cannot believe it’s been a year. I really can’t! I still remember finding out we were going to have twins and being like “no way, this isn’t real”. Well it’s real and it’s been a year!

I never dreamed I could be this happy. All the things that seemed to impossibly hard in the beginning are distant memories now. I joined a twin mom group and I am surrounded by such a great support system. Brad & I are truly so blessed. Vera and Violet have made me become a way more patient person. And really have made me believe I can do anything. I still struggle with so many things as a mom, but my babies are all so worth it. I’d like to keep rambling on about all the feels but I need to share these photos and get back to my grind! 😉

We did a donut themed birthday party in honor of their birthday being National Donut Day! And I need to give a huge shout out to Wixon Woodcraft for the toy they handcrafted for the girls. They really brought my ideas to life and I encourage all my friends with little ones to check them out for some AH-MAZING wooden toys. I may just do a whole separate post on their toys in the future, thats how much I LOVE them.


The donut stand was also handmade by Wixon Woodcraft! ❤ 2017-06-13_00212017-06-13_0022

This beauty right here was my vision, and Laura & her husband made it come alive! It’s a wooden donut stacker toy, and I am obsessed with it! It’s one of a kind and thats even better! I’m telling you, if you want local, hand crafted, wooden toys for your littles, you need to check them out. 2017-06-13_0023

My second shout out goes to my mom of course, for making my cake vision come to life! I sent a snap chat drawing of what I wanted, and together (kinda) we made it happen!


The shoes picture below were painted by me! I’m pretty craft when I put my mind to it. I also made the donut garland with the help of my amazing sister! Everything else was amazon and target, lol. 2017-06-13_00242017-06-13_0025

We couldn’t manage to get a good family photo so these will have to do. The girls outfits are hard to see but they were also made by a local mom and I will be doing a photoshoot with them in them again! Nikki’s Easy shop is check her out for some cute clothes!!


We also did a donut smash cake shoot because duh.


I couldn’t not take some photos of Nora enjoying a donut with this backdrop. I mean come on! This family obviously loves donuts.



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