Family Session, Portraits

Patrick Family

Shannon is another twin mom from my twin mom group. Have I mentioned how thankful I am for this group of moms? Because I am, SO thankful! All parents have a beautiful mess of raising kids, and anyone who has three under three, or four under four, or any sort of combination of more than one kid, is killing it! I never understood the phrase “it takes a village” until I had twins. It’s hard work, but all the moms I’ve met and had the honor of photographing their families make it look easy!

Shannon and her husband Ben have boy/girl twins Cal & Macy and a little toddler named Clara. Clara was the cutest thing, and reminded me so much of my Nora. I don’t think she loved the idea of family photos, but mom and dad were so cool about it, and I of course understand not all kids want a camera in their face. By the end of our shoot we got her smiling and laughing and it was totally worth it!


Seriously, no one would ever know that twins are hard work from this photo! You go mama! 2017-06-12_00092017-06-12_0010

This last one is probably one of my favorite family photos I’ve taken so far. So much love <3!


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