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Twin Tuesday

Having twins means, not always getting to blog when I want. But I am learning to accept it for what it is. I have no choice right, lol.

Anyway a continue from my last twin Tuesday, I said I’d touch on all the feelings and pregnancy itself. It really did take a long time to accept this. I wasn’t planning for twins. I never even knew twins could be something that cold happen to me, I knew they were out there but they were like mystical unicorns to me. Twins? Me? haha! But I think by my 4th or 5th sonogram, every time two little sacks would pop up on the screen I’d say to myself “Yup, still twins”. I also had a lot of moments of panic in the beginning because even though I was TERRIFIED of twins, I didn’t want anything to happen to them, so I made sure to be extra careful at work lifting things, and sitting when I could. I stayed as active as I could for about seven months with no issues! I had a lot of guilty feelings in the beginning too. I was happy, but I was also more thinking about how hard it would be, and how would I manage. And I felt so bad about this blessing when other people were struggling to have one baby!

I eventually accepted everything that was happening to me and the people around me were excited so that helped. I was also waiting tables at the time, and I loved telling people I was having twins when they’d comment on how big I was. “Any day now huh?!” “Actually three more months, but I’m having twins!” The faces strangers make in this situation are hilarious.

Something else, sort of amazing, happened when I was pregnant with the twins! I lost weight, somehow! Those two little zombies sucked the life out of me in there, and after they were born I was somehow smaller then when I became pregnant, so thanks girls for making my weightless journey that much shorter I hope. Now if I could just stop eating cookies.

We decided this time around to do another gender reveal because duh. Twins was a surprise enough, there was no way I was waiting for them to be born to find out what they were. Brad protested but I told him, I was finding out, with or without him haha!

As luck would have it, we found out via surprise cake that we were having two girls! I was so relieved. I love boys but, I felt in my heart I’m a girl mom. Also, Brad and I would have killed each other trying to agree on boy names. Turns out the names I like are way too cool and edgy for him, ha ;-]!


Nora clearly only cared about cake at the time.

This house is definitely run by girls and I couldn’t see it any other way! On my next post I’ll touch on my baby shower and getting ready for two new babies! ❤


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