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Nora’s Farm Shoot & My Amazing Mama

So my mom has recently go into sewing, and it’s really paying off for us LOL. I’m joking, but seriously, it’s so great having a mom who can sew things and create things! I wish I had the time to learn, and the creativeness for it. What I do have the time for is Pinterest and then forwarding all the things I want my mom to re-create for me. She has been investing in all sorts of things and she recently made this dress for Nora that is to die for cute!

Being the photog mom that I am, I thought it would be fun to do a photoshoot at the farm in the dress. Nora doesn’t love being in front of the camera but she gave it a good effort for a three year old. She told me I had to be nice, lol, and that she doesn’t like “pictures”. I promised her a smoothie after so we met in the middle.

Here’s some of my favs from the shoot.

2017-03-30_00012017-03-30_00022017-03-30_00032017-03-30_00042017-03-30_0005We got to see some animals too, so that’s always fun! Kinder Farm Park is our favorite place in the county. If you haven’t been there’s quite a few babies right now and they are so cute! 2017-03-30_00062017-03-30_0008We Also attempted to get some cute ones of the twinks. These were the best they would give me, haha. I love in the second one, Vi is pulling Ver over to her. 2017-03-30_0010

I’d like to thank my mom for the lovely dress and all the future dresses to come! I’ll be writing a separate post for her crafts at some point!



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