Introducing…TWIN TUESDAY!


Ever since we found out we were having twins, I always had thought I’d love to share our story and how it’s going being a twin mom. I always thought it would be sooner than nine months in but hey, thats about how long it’s taken me to get it together, ha!

Finding out we were having twins was beyond shocking! I remember thinking about a sibling for Nora, and I thought “an October baby would be nice”. Then I remember having Nora in February and how it was so cold her new born months. We mostly stayed inside, and I hated it. So then out of no where I was like “I want a June baby! That way I’m forced to go outside and not be cooped up.” It was such a great plan! And since we were actually planning this time (lol!) I knew right away when I was pregnant. I was about 6 weeks when I told Brad. We waited another week or two to tell our family, just in case. And since I knew I was pregnant, I didn’t rush to the doctor right away. I had an appointment scheduled for 8 weeks but it kept getting pushed to different dates. So we didn’t even see our doctor until 10 weeks. This appointment was different than when I was pregnant with Nora. With Nora I didn’t get an ultrasound until about 10 weeks, but since I was coming in at 10 weeks, the doctor wanted to see what was going on, just to be sure everything looked good.

As soon as that probe hit my belly, you could see clear as day two little circles, with two little dots. I thought I was going to faint. Our sweet doctor was so excited- “Well there are two babies in there, which is very exciting for me!”, followed by “We’re going to be seeing you a lot more than a singleton”. My mind was racing! I just stared at it and sort of listened to the things she was saying. We could see right away that they were fraternal, and most importantly, everything looked great.

We left the office and walked back to our cars. Brad was going to head to work, and I was going to head back home. Brad was over the moon. I was terrified and immediately so worried about everything. How was I going to care for twins? ME?! What about Nora? I was only ready for one baby, not two! And my car?! And work?! How were going to afford this?! Brad didn’t seem to be thinking of any of these things right away like I was. He was all smiles and couldn’t wait to tell family. I told him I was going to my parents right then to tell my sister. And I told him I was going to call my mom and dad and tell them too, I couldn’t wait and I needed reassurance that I could do this.

My family always knows when something is up with me, my face can’t hide anything. I called Cait to tell her I was coming and we had just gone to the doctor. I showed her the sonogram and let her see for herself. Being the nurse she is, she could tell right away too. I called my parents who were at work, and put them on speaker and told them. They couldn’t believe it. My dad laughed hysterically and I think my mom thought I was joking. Just like my pregnancy with Nora, I wanted to wait to tell the world. Now even more so, because it was twins, and I was scared something would happen. Also, I’m not going to lie, it took me a good 2-3 months to really believe it was true myself. We told the rest of our family and friends via Christmas cards with the photo below.


It’s really weird becoming pregnant with more than one baby. Some people would congratulate me and be so excited, others would congratulate me as if it was a question and have a worried look on their face. I remembered getting very mixed feelings from people and it was often very annoying. One of the bosses at my job said something along the lines of “sucks to be you”, and I remember being very mad by that comment. Luckily I’m pretty passive aggressive and am usually able to hide my being upset by these comments. I was waiting tables and I got pretty big, pretty quickly. My tables would always say inappropriate things like “Wow, any day huh?!” and I’d give them the cheesiest smile I could and say, “Actually I’m having twins! I’m only 6 months!” Sometimes it got me better tips, lol. I wanted to keep going working, but by 71/2 months I was so big, and I couldn’t really move as quickly. Maybe if I had a job that wasn’t waiting tables, but I just couldn’t go on. So I quit about a month before they were born and nested.

Next Tuesday I’ll share more about the pregnancy itself and all the feelings that were involved. Stay tuned! And thanks for reading :).



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